WorkWisdom is a coaching and personal development consultancy. We provide courses and coaching to skilled professionals looking to get the best out of their career opportunities by actively managing their careers choices.

We make career management and job search; work on your terms.

“One of the biggest challenges for today’s job seeker is how to navigate through the new digital hiring process.”


Professionals are experiencing a unique set of challenges that require them to become more competitive, digital savvy and make a greater impact within the workplace whilst actively managing their career development with fewer resources and support.

Technology has changed the way you search, apply and get evaluated by today’s hiring managers. The hiring process is digital making it easier for hiring managers to filter out candidates through technology.

WorkWisdom has developed the Plan.Prepare.Pitch. job search and interview programme to help you differentiate yourself at every stage of the hiring process and focus on what’s really important, as you build a personalised job search strategy to showcase your value at every stage of the hiring process.

“I help experienced professionals transition to their next job by helping them navigate the challenges of today’s digital hiring landscape.”


After many years of competing for work as an interim marketing consultant and successfully coaching clients on effective job search and interview strategies, I realised that one of the major challenges faced by job seekers, is how to successfully compete for roles in the new era of digital hiring.

Organisations are deploying tools that automate the selection process which means that unless you understand what to do from the outset, many skills professionals re-entering the job market are not making it through the selection process and as a consequence don’t get the opportunities present their skills and abilities at the interview.

To meet this challenge I created PLAN.PREPARE.PITCH. a step-by-step training and coaching programme that guides professionals through the end-to-end hiring process, helping them to create a personalised job search strategy that helps them to communicate their value and take specific actions throughout the job search and interview process.


Selina Yankson is the founder of WorkWisdom, a coaching and personal development consultancy. Selina is a certified career development coach and a highly experienced marketing consultant and sales strategist. She is a graduate with a degree in Law.

Selina has over 20 years of experience working with large and medium sized corporate organisations in various sectors delivering sales and marketing strategies that help sales teams exceed revenue targets and marketing teams increase marketing effectiveness.

Selina is in the process writing her first book ‘Plan. Prepare. Pitch, How to Really Get a Job in Today’s Market’ a job search and interview guide for experienced professionals navigating the hiring process in the new digital era. You can get the latest updates on the book release by signing up here.

Selina is a past speaker in schools for career development and held a voluntary Chair and trustee positions for a local charity.

Quote MarkI had the pleasure of working with Selina when she came to do some sales coaching with my team. The 3 days we spent working with Selina were the best I’ve experienced from any sales training I’ve done. Selina listened to what we had to say and tailored her coaching to fit our sales process. Selina was instrumental in helping us to change the parts of our process which weren’t working and gave us the confidence to implement the changes. The results speak for themselves with our targets being achieved. 165% of target this week is just the one example. Selina is also a great personality who adds enthusiasm, drive and laughter to any situation. I look forward to working with Selina again soon.