The key thing to note here is that the company are ‘‘considering’ you. There is no offer, and therefore from your perspective, there is no decision to make.

There are several reasons why the company is delaying making a decision:

  1. A key decision maker has not given their feedback on all the candidates in the running for the role.
  2. There is a preferred candidate and they have not yet come back on an offer already made, so the company does not want to close down their options with their second choice of candidate until they have confirmation either way regarding the offer.
  3. There is an internal candidate and they are still sorting out the details (similar to answer 2).
  4. You are more expensive than the budget they have put aside and they are in the process of getting more budget sign-off before they get back to you with an offer.
  5. The hiring process is genuinely long and protracted (this happens a lot with Government agencies) but usually, they will indicate how long the process takes and what candidates should expect at each stage.

The biggest mistake that job hunters make is to over-invest in a role when it has not been formally offered. Don’t do it. Keep looking and stay focused on other opportunities because you do not have a job until you have a formal offer.

If this company intend to make a formal job offer they will get back to you, until then carry on applying for roles.

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