You can read a job description and think to yourself ‘Yes, I can do that job!’ You send off your application and get an interview. On the surface the interview should be predictable right? Not so. It’s easy to believe that that once you have attended one interview, you’ve attended them all and this is where you can trip yourself up.

Below are some five of the most common interview mistakes that can sabotage your chance of landing the job…

You didn’t read the job description.

Having put time and effort into writing a job description, the recruiter will expect you to have not only read the job description but they will in 9 out of 10 cases be expecting you to confidently discuss where you can add value to the role. If you haven’t read the job description you’ll be in for fairly rough ride in the interview.

You didn’t do your research

Interviewers love it when you demonstrate that you’ve made an effort to research the organisation. With oodles of information available on the web like press mentions, annual reports and company websites, it’s perfectly reasonable for the hiring manager to expect that you have researched the company where you expect to work in the future. If you’ve missed this step the interviewer will assume that you’re not really serious about working there.

You undersold your achievements

Hiring managers will not expect you to answer every question fluently but they will expect you to be able to describe your achievements and know how they relate to the job you’re applying for. This means knowing your CV inside out and going over the job description thoroughly. If you’re unable to articulate your achievements the interviewer may conclude that what appears on your CV and the person sitting in front of them don’t match up; therefore ruling you out of the selection process.

Coming across as arrogant or disinterested

It’s really important not to turn your interviewer off by adopting exaggerated behavioural traits like arrogance or trying to appear ‘cool’. Unfortunately not everyone will warm to you in an instant and the recruiter is no different. Interviews can be extremely stressful, especially pressure interviews so learning how to be natural and build rapport with your interviewer will help you far more than coming across as a know-it-all or appearing too laid-back.

Not listening to questions and rambling

Yes it happens and it’s easy to do if you don’t pay attention to what you’re saying and the body language or the person who is interviewing you. Your interviewer will be asking the same familiar questions to other candidates so ensure that the conversation flows by keeping answers to questions concise and relevant to maintain their interest. Whatever you do, don’t ramble or introduce topics into the conversation that are not linked to the question being asked otherwise you might find the interview may come to an end much sooner than expected!

You’ve made it to the interview so ensure that you give yourself the best opportunity to present yourself and your suitability for the role by avoiding these common mistakes.