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“Today’s professionals expect more from their career. They expect to fulfil their potential in a way that aligns with their passions and who they are as people”

Selina Yankson, Founder, WorkWisdom

Does your career fulfil your potential?

You spend the vast majority of your time working so it’s important to enjoy what you do. The kind of success and fulfilment you seek is within reach but it can take several career changes to get to where you want to be.

Learning what inspires you and motivates you is the first step. The second step is to create an action plan that combines your strengths, skills and career ambitions. Laying the foundation for change is easier when you have a step-by-step plan and solid support. This is where WorkWisdom can help.

create real change in your career

Create real change in your career?

WorkWisdom is a career transformation consultancy. We focus on helping you define your strengths and aspirations so that you can approach your career decisions with greater clarity and confidence.

We help you take control of your career by guiding you through our unique step-by-step career planning process to help you set goals and create a practical career action plan that reflects your career ambitions.

Whether your next opportunity is within your current organisation, somewhere new, or in a completely different industry, WorkWisdom will help you gain clarity to move past any roadblocks and move your career forward.

If you love the idea of creating real change in your job or career, join us for the next intake of our transformative career planning course, Find Your Brilliant, Simple Strategies to Build Your Career Plan in 30 Days.

WorkWisdom runs online training, workshops and masterminds for professionals that want to plan their next career move and do more of the work they enjoy.

I’m Selina Yankson…

After many years of competing for work as an interim marketing consultant and successfully coaching clients on effective job search and interview strategies, I realised that one of the major challenges faced by professionals is not finding a new job but knowing how to create opportunities for growth to fulfil their potential in a job or career they enjoy.

There is so much opportunity around us in terms of careers but after a few years of working it can be easy to get stuck in one role or sector. When I realised this was happening to me it became important to pause and reset my own career path by formulating a plan and setting creative goals for the type of work I really wanted to do in the future. Once we know what we are good at we can hone our skills in those areas this builds true confidence in our ability to perform. The rest is about understanding what you need to do next to create the career opportunities you really want. Now, I help other professionals do the same through my online programme Find Your Brilliant, Simple Strategies to Build Your Career Plan in 30 Days.

Find Your Brilliant, Simple Strategies to Build Your Career Plan in 30 Days a step-by-step training and coaching programme that helps professionals create a personalised career plan to help them understand their strengths, communicate their value and take specific actions to move their career forward in a direction where they can create more opportunities to find work they enjoy.


Selina Yankson is a certified coach helping smart professionals define their next career move. She specialises in helping individuals build confidence in their skills helping them to be the best version of themselves at work.

Selina is a senior interim marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience. She started her career in sales and used her skills to build a career in marketing and coaching. Selina has developed a deep understanding of corporate work culture having worked within a number of industry sectors, including; management consultancy, financial services, IT, media and publishing.

Selina is the creator of Find Your Brilliant, Simple Strategies to Build Your Career Plan in 30 Days and founder of WorkWisdom, an organisation that provides career transformation programmes.

Selina has a degree in Law.

Contact Selina for PR and speaker opportunities at

Quote MarkI had the pleasure of working with Selina when she came to do some sales coaching with my team. The 3 days we spent working with Selina were the best I’ve experienced from any sales training I’ve done. Selina listened to what we had to say and tailored her coaching to fit our sales process. Selina was instrumental in helping us to change the parts of our process which weren’t working and gave us the confidence to implement the changes. The results speak for themselves with our targets being achieved. 165% of target this week is just the one example. Selina is also a great personality who adds enthusiasm, drive and laughter to any situation. I look forward to working with Selina again soon.


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