Create Your Brilliant
Career Plan

Design a career as individual as you are

Your best work comes when you are doing something that matches your skills and talents enabling you to be the best version of yourself at work.

WorkWisdom is a place where you can get structured, practical guidance to help you plan your next career move with confidence.

Get clarity and free yourself from the cycle of career uncertainty by making better decisions with the help of WorkWisdom’s Find Your Brilliant, Simple Strategies to Build Your Career Plan in 30 Days.

career development course

Find Your Brilliant

Find Your Brilliant is a structured, step-by-step career development programme that runs over 30 days. During this time you’ll focus on creating your personalised career plan.

You’ll learn to:

  • Confidently identify your next career opportunities
  • Fast-track your goals for career advancement
  • Create a practical career action plan
  • Develop an authentic personal brand that reflects your best self

In additional our online resources, you’ll receive our unique and comprehensive workbook which contains everything you need to complete the programme.


Every week you’ll set goals and work through a structured programme of activities and assessments to help you successfully build your career plan.

You’ll get additional resources in our private Facebook group and receive support from other like-minded professionals on the same journey as you. 
You’ll be supported throughout the programme with live coaching calls and a private Facebook group so no matter what, you can experience the growth and clarity you’ve been longing for.

Let us help you Find Your Brilliant

Quote MarkSelina is a detail orientated manager who does not believe in leaving anything to the last minute. The sense of urgency she applies to every task inspired and motivated me to do better. The passion that she has really comes through in the quality of her work. I recommend her to anyone that wants to get the job done and get it done well! I know that she will continue to inspire and motivate all that cross her path.