Plan Your Next Move

Is Your Potential

Is this the year that you’re going to make an impact in your career and achieve something better, different or greater than before?

Are you aiming to:

  • move up the ladder?
  • change your role?
  • enter a new industry?

Have you promised yourself that you’re going to do things differently because you know you can achieve so much more in your career?

You want to be in control of your career choices and that means:

  • achieving clarity on your true vision for career success
  • breaking free from limiting beliefs to reach your potential and
  • developing the confidence to be the best version of yourself at work

If you’re ready to make the leap and get the career you deserve, you’re in the right place – now is the time to Find Your Brilliant.

Realise your potential

Invest in you. £660 (inc.VAT). Next cohort Sept 2019.

The career you truly want is within reach

Invest in you. £660 (inc.VAT). Next cohort September 2019.

Do you wish you had a career sat nav to show you the way?

Well, here it is: Find Your Brilliant is a structured 30-day career planning programme to help you get clarity on your current situation, identify your key skills and motivations and build a career action plan that truly reflects your personal vision for career success.

This unique, group career transformation programme guides you through a practical, step-by-step process to help you achieve your goals and move your career forward with greater confidence.

You’ll learn to:

  • confidently identify your next career opportunities
  • fast-track your goals for career advancement
  • create a practical career action plan
  • develop an authentic personal brand that reflects your best self

Your investment £660 (Inc. VAT).

Create the career you deserve


Find Your Brilliant, Simple Strategies to Build Your Career Plan in 30 Days is designed to create momentum in your career.

The course is highly interactive and is delivered through weekly live conference calls, so you can participate fully and get your questions answered by expert career coach and creator of Find Your Brilliant, Selina Yankson.

You’ll receive our unique and comprehensive workbook which contains everything you need to complete the programme.

Each week you’ll set goals and work through a structured programme of activities and assessments to help you successfully build your career plan.

You’ll get additional resources in our private Facebook group and receive support from other like-minded professionals on the same journey as you.

Course framework

  • x 4 self-evaluation assessments
  • x 6 unique development tools
  • Weekly reflection and goal setting exercises
  • Career planner
  • Create colouring doodles
  • x 5 Weekly live coaching calls
  • Private Facebook group

We’ve designed a unique full-colour workbook in a handy size that’s easy to carry so that you can capture your inspiration in the moment and use the development tools in a live environment. Better still, no more lost printouts!

Find your brilliant. Invest in you.

Your investment £660 (Inc. VAT). Next cohort September 2019.


Q: What happens once I’ve signed up to Find My Brilliant?
Once we’ve received your payment, we will send you an email detailing the programme essentials such as running order, call schedules and give you access to additional materials via the private Facebook group.  This is an online course with digitally downloadable materials, however as an additional support we will send you a colour workbook that contains the main assessments and development tools as an added benefit.
Q: What happens if I miss the Live coaching sessions?
All live coaching calls are recorded. If for some reason you can’t make it to a session, we will post the recording in the private Facebook group where you can view it later.
Q: How does group coaching work?
Find Your Brilliant is a group coaching programme and this means that there will be other participants taking part in the programme at the same time as you. We give you access to a private Facebook group so that you can interact with other participants if you wish, post questions and download shared resources.
Q: What’s different about the Find My Brilliant programme?
The Find My Brilliant programme is a practical step-by-step programme that brings together the best tried and tested career transformation strategies from years of coaching individual clients to move their careers forward. Find My Brilliant is deliberately designed to keep participants accountable for 30 days, helping them to quickly identify their circumstances through a unique self-evaluation system and set goals whilst working towards the creation of their own individual career action plan.  Participants are guided throughout the programme by Selina Yankson, founder of WorkWisdom, a career transformation consultancy, and creator of Find My Brilliant. Selina is a certified career coach and senior interim marketing manager with over 20 years of experience. If you have questions please email
Q: How much benefit will I get from the programme?
This is a structured programme of strategies and self-evaluation exercises that have been designed to provide you with the maximum skills to create your personal career action plan. Your level of success in attaining any stated ideas or strategies from this programme is dependent on your personal situation and varying factors such as your goals, dedication and self-awareness. Each participant’s situation is unique to them and therefore we cannot guarantee your personal success or results. However, if you follow the course exercises, attend the live training and utilise the materials as prescribed, you will be able to complete your career plan. We provide insights and as much information as possible to help you achieve your programme goals.
Q: How much individual attention will I receive?
You will be able to post questions in the private Facebook group. Each week we will allocate time to discuss specific questions from individuals on the live sessions. If you would like to receive specific live support you can request to be part of one of the 10-minute sessions where we concentrate on your particular issue. If you need more support, you can private message us in the Facebook group.
Q: If I change my mind can I get a refund?
This is an online training programme where you get instant access to the materials once you sign up, including the coaching and digital version of the workbook materials and resources, therefore we do not offer refunds on digitally delivered products.

Find your brilliant. Invest in you.

Your investment £660 (Inc. VAT). Next cohort September 2019.

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