There are risks associated with any career you can name because of the changing pace of technology. In this context, people often believe it’s about technology causing job losses, which of course does happen, but many new jobs are formed to replace those that become redundant.

Are your skills up to date?

The greatest risk to a person’s career is that people don’t think or act fast enough when they see changes on their career horizon. They don’t adapt fast enough and as a result, their skill levels are not sufficiently developed to transition them to the next level of job/work to keep ahead of changes within their industry.

Anyone who wishes to stay within a particular industry needs to be aware of up and coming changes that will affect how their industry works now and in the future. It’s particularly important to keep up with what is going on a macro as well as a micro level. Developing a clear understanding of your industry’s customer needs; how they buy, what they buy and when, and whether the product or service offered by your organisation is being affected by technological change or disrupters coming into the market is crucial to identifying where the latest trends will be in the future.

Why you need to take action

When you recognise that change is taking place the second thing you need to do is to take action to ensure that your skill levels are properly adapted to suit the circumstances to make sure that you are considered a high-value hire.

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